The Journey of Coming to Know

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A young man.  A counterculture.  A religion.

Like many young people, Dale Ramsdell sought answers to the great questions of existence, but neither his church, his school, or late-twentieth-century politics supplied them.  Embarking on his own spiritual quest, he traveled by thumb and motorcycle across Europe and North America, gathering firsthand experience of the human condition. Ultimately, armed with the insight that "The earth is but one rez, and mankind its rezidents", he learned to reconcile the apparent opposites—for he found in every age and in every land the same signs and patterns drawn by the same Great Wheel.

Personal stories, both humorous and factual, are the means of storytelling learned from his ancestors, and frame the picture painted on an ever-changing canvas. For those who remember the time, and those who would like to gain an appreciation of the youthful optimism of the age, this book is a gem.

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